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The mega Millions winner could be bankrupt after he wins $1 billion.




After 24 draws that failed to produce a winner in July, the U.S. Mega Millions lottery jackpot grew to US$ 1 billion. The latest drawing was held on Oct. 19, and there has been no sign of a winner.

This sum is so significant that people are buying more tickets. Even the projections of the lottery have changed rapidly. The payout was $900 million on Oct. 17. It hit $1 billion two days later, just before the Oct. 19 draw.

This makes it the world’s second-largest lottery grand prize and the largest for Mega Millions. At $1.6 billion, the largest jackpot was won in 2016 in rival Powerball.

There are only 1 in 303 million chances of winning. Lightning strikes are 400 times more likely than you think. Even if every American adult bought one ticket with a different number of numbers, there is still a chance that someone will win. The pot would increase even more if everyone purchased the same ticket.

Once a winner has been declared, the interesting question is: What happens to all the money and the lucky ticket holder’s winnings? Research by me and others has shown that it is often not what you expect.

It is a smaller prize than it appears.

First, remember that the jackpot of billions of dollars is not an inevitable amount. However, it will pay much less.

The $1 billion prize winner will not receive it in one lump sum check if they win it in the most recent drawing. If only one person wins, they can choose to receive $1 billion in annual payments, which will increase over the next 30 years.

The taxman can then take a large chunk. The federal government will then take approximately $135 million if the winner is from a state that does not have a lottery tax, such as Texas or Florida. This leaves $430 million. If the winner is not fortunate enough to reside in New York City, one of two cities with their tax, that amount drops to $360 million.

The jackpot is beginning to look smaller, but it still represents a substantial amount of money.

Where are the windfalls?

It is believed that winning the lottery can change your life. Although this is true in most cases, research shows that it doesn’t always work out the way you hope.

In a 2001 paper, economists Bruce Sacerdote (and statistician Donald Rubin) showed that unexpected incomes are a common phenomenon. Only 16 cents were saved by lottery winners ten years after they won.

My research revealed that half of the money given to them by their parents or large financial gifts was spent or lost in the first two decades.

Other studies show that the lottery doesn’t help financially distressed people escape their problems but delays the inevitable bankruptcy. One study found that 33% of lottery winners end up in bankruptcy.

It is not easy to lose it all.

How could a lottery winner spend so many millions of dollars in such a short time? It’s not an easy task.

Research on the characteristics of lottery players shows that playing is most popular among those aged between 30 and 39. However, this trend tends to decline as people age. The average American lives to age 79.

Assuming the winner is in her 30s, she would have approximately 45 years to spend the lump sum after taxes of $400 million. She would need to spend about $9 million per year, or $25,000 daily, to get through it all. This is even more when you consider the interest that accrues while it sits in a bank.

Also, if he blows it all, he has no assets. He could retire with his wealth intact if he used the money to buy luxurious homes, Banksy paintings, Ferraris, and Aston Martins.

After blowing through all the money, the winner is left with nothing but a good time and bankruptcy.

That’s what Huntington Hartford did.

Hartford was the heir of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company fortune. He lived from 1911 through 2008. The A&P supermarket chain is better known for this company that was founded just before the Civil War. A&P was the first U.S. Coast-to-Coast food store. It was also Walmart’s predecessor, established in the 1960s.

Hartford was 12 years old when he inherited $90 million. After taxes, he received $1.3 billion in child support after adjusting for inflation. Huntington, who was given one of the most significant fortunes in the history of the world, declared bankruptcy in New York in 1992.

Hartford was the opposite of Midas. He made millions by buying real estate and creating an art museum. He was a poor businessman who lived a lavish lifestyle. He declared bankruptcy and lived with his daughter in the Bahamas for years before he died.

Let the odds favour you!

The life story of Hartford, as well as academic research, shows that a cash windfall doesn’t always lead to a happy ending. It’s easier to waste that money than you think.

I wish you luck if you purchase a ticket. If you win, I wish you even more uncertainty.

However, it is essential to remember that you can’t spend everything you win, no matter how much you play.

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Tom Cruise’s Tropic Thunder” Spin-Off Has a Script.




Now that the script has been written for the ‘Tropic Thunder” spinoff film starring Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman character, when will it be made, and will Cruise still be interested in it?

Tom Cruise was no longer famous for his roles in blockbuster films. Instead, he was criticized for his unpredictable behaviour and controversial views on hot-button subjects. Cruise devised a career strategy to help him return to the good graces of the moviegoers, despite concerns about his real life.

One part of the plan was to play a small but memorable role in Ben Stiller’s comedy/action Tropic Thunder. Stiller initially approached the cruise to play his agent, but he wanted to know if the filmmakers would be open to adding a studio head character to the story.

Stiller agreed, and together they created Les Grossman, a Harvey Weinstein-Esque hothead who took over nearly every scene he was in. Cruise revived the character for last year’s MTV Movie Awards. After another show-stealing performance, talk about a Les Grossman sequel movie began to heat up. However, there hasn’t been any news about the project since it seems that Paramount is still working on it.

MTV met Bill Hader, SNL’s host at the Comedy Awards and learned that Hader’s friend Michael Bacall had written the script. Bacall, an actor/writer, previously wrote Scott Pilgrim against the World. He is currently working on the Fright Night remake.

Hader refused to reveal details about the film’s plot but insisted that it was “gonna be great.” He explained that he knew the plot’s essential elements, but he and Bacall only discussed particular scenes while they were being written. Although Hader doesn’t know when Les Grossman will be back on the big screen, this shows there is more to the project than idle chatter.

A Les Grossman spinoff movie was not something that I was excited about. His scenes in Tropic Thunder were funny, and I believe the character is excellent as a supporting role – but I don’t think I have the time to spend 90 minutes with him. The film will be much more than a string of vulgarities and hip-hop dance moves, but I am sure it would. Grossman would have to be given at least one or two redeeming characteristics before they could build a story around him.

Many others have pointed out that the real issue is whether Tom Cruise still needs the character. Although his career isn’t in the best shape, he’s definitely in a better place than four years ago. He is working on Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol and recently joined Adam Shankman’s Rock of Ages cast. He has expressed an interest in appearing in Oblivion, the sci-fi film by Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy).

Cruise has plenty of options and variety in his career. I don’t think a Tropic Thunder spinoff will likely be short. However, the good news for Les Grossman fans is that the project sounds ready to go if he still wants it.

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Tom Cruise is open to Reprising His Tropic Thunder Role.




Over the years, Tom Cruise has been seen in various roles, including Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible 2. He recently suggested that if he were to revive another character from his filmography, Les Grossman could be back from Tropic Thunder. Although the surface is a parody of movie executives, it’s unlikely that he would be the main focus of a feature film. However, he has previously appeared in the role on MTV, and it seems like he would not mind playing the part for the right opportunity. Maverick is the next Top Gun movie.

“I don’t know. Cruise spoke out about other roles he would like to reprise at Top Gun: Maverick’s premiere. “I don’t know what I am doing at the moment. I’m enjoying the night, but I must finish Mission: Impossible 2nd. I am enjoying this evening, and I will put away all my Mission stuff for a moment to breathe tonight.

The coronavirus pandemic delayed Maverick. Production on Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One also suffered setbacks. However, the show wrapped up last fall. Although those projects may be over, Maverick started production on Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part Two earlier in the year. Its massive scope and size likely required another long shooting schedule.

Top Gun: Maverick “After more than thirty years of service, Pete ‘Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is back where he belongs. He pushes the limits as a brave test pilot and avoids the rank advancement that would make him unfit for duty. Maverick finds himself training a group of Top Gun pilots for a specialized mission unlike any other. He meets Lt. Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), Maverick’s friend and Radar Intercept Officer, Lt. Nick Bradshaw (aka ‘Goose), who calls him ‘Rooster’. Maverick faces an uncertain future, confronts his ghosts and is forced to face his deepest fears. The mission will require the greatest sacrifice of those chosen to fly it.

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What is the process behind Grubhub?




What does the food delivery service can offer to restaurants, customers and drivers

Grubhub is a well-known food delivery service that’s been operating since. As per the firm, the service can process more than 745,000 orders per day from over 320,000 restaurant partners. In addition, it has around 32 million users.

However, Grubhub has many moving parts. It isn’t just a company that works with customers but works with restaurants as well as manages local driver fleets to deliver the food.

How does Grubhub work to benefit customers?

Customers are at the centre of the Grubhub business model. Customers utilize a mobile application (iOS and Android) and their Grubhub website to place orders and pay payments.

After using the app or the website to sign up for an account and input the payment details, customers can look up through the menus or look for eateries within the area and then make an order by choosing items and placing them in the cart. After that, they can checkout, select the payment method and monitor the order’s progress until it is delivered. Grubhub typically charges a delivery fee in addition to what the eatery sets.

What is the process? Grubhub functions for restaurants

Naturally, Grubhub is dependent on restaurants. Additionally, it expands the accessibility of restaurants by allowing businesses to provide delivery, even though the restaurant has traditionally offered dining-in services. The partnership also will enable restaurants to use Grubhub to provide a delivery platform instead of hiring and managing their delivery staff.

Restaurants can begin their journey with Grubhub by submitting their application to be accepted on the Grubhub for Restaurants section of the Grubhub website. After acceptance, Grubhub works with restaurants to integrate their menus prices, menus, and other information on the app and the website.

When a client places the order, it shows on the dashboard of the Grubhub app for restaurants. The restaurant then confirms the order and prepares the food items for delivery. The food is delivered as soon as the driver has arrived, and the restaurant’s portion of the process is completed.

To partner with Grubhub, restaurants complete a form on the Grubhub website. Dave Johnson

Grubhub gets a small portion of the restaurant’s earnings to support this workflow, including a processing and marketing fee and a percentage of the total cost for the purchase. Since Grubhub orders cost restaurants more, some restaurants offer additional charges for delivery online than those who dine in.

How does Grubhub work for drivers?

The driving job offered by Grubhub is part of the current “gig market,” meaning you can choose to become a Grubhub driver as your primary source of income or help supplement your other job. Drivers can begin by applying the Grubhub for Drivers section of the Grubhub website. To be a qualified driver, you must, at minimum, have a vehicle (or, in certain areas, bikes are acceptable) as well as a driver’s licence as well as auto insurance (or identification from the state, in the case of a bike) as well as an iPhone.

Drivers receive training through Grubhub and have the option to determine their working hours. When they arrive at their job, the drivers are informed via the app whenever orders are available at a nearby restaurant. The driver accepts the delivery, then goes into the establishment, where they wait for food, if needed and then delivers the food to the customer following the directions to drive on the app. Alongside the base, delivery charge drivers are also eligible to receive tips which customers may add to the payment information in the application.

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