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Let’s talk about shoes! Today I want to share my tips for purchasing your first pair of Christian Louboutin designer heels. As someone who has always loved designer heels, and as a girl who loves them so much, I have a weakness for designer heels. Is it worth the price? The short answer is yes.

My mom gave me my first pair of Christian Louboutin heels over ten years ago as a surprise for my sorority rush. I still have them! The red sole is a statement shoe, but the actual value of designer heels is their durability. You can get a black pair of pumps for as low as $100, but they may need to be replaced yearly due to wear and tear. Continue reading to learn ten tips for buying designer heels and what you should consider before spending the extra cash!

1 – They Spread A Lot

Many pairs of pumps I own are too big and have become uncomfortable. This is not something that happens overnight, but it can take years. I prefer to purchase heels with straps and a fun, caged-style pump. It is better to get a slightly smaller pair if you are in between sizes.

2 – Increase a Half Size in Boots

I am a size 37.5 in boots and a size 38 in boots. I always order half a size larger in boots. I did the same thing with Christian Louboutin booties. They fit tight around your feet, so the extra room makes them more comfortable!

3 – If in Doubt, Choose Classic

Louboutins come in many styles, but they are investment shoes that can be worn for years. I recommend starting with the classics and adding fun shoes later. I still have the black pumps that I received in the sorority rush.

4 – Black is Easier to Maintain Than Nude or Other Colors

Denos is my local shoe repair shop. I bring my heels there now and again to get them fixed. I love that I can make any pair of black Louboutin shoes look new again! Because I wear them constantly, they even wholly re-leather the heel! Although my nude heels may need some TLC, they are more durable than the black and won’t be entirely rejuvenated by the shoe shop.

5 – Leather over Suede

Leather is more durable than suede, and it’s similar in colour. A pair of designer suede heels are better than a rainstorm. I feel at ease knowing that my patent and leather heels can be buffed at a cobbler makes them so comfortable.

6 – The Red Resoled at a Shoe Repair Location

The red rubbing off is not something I worry about. A shoe repair can replace the damaged part or add a grippy pad. This adds grip to my heels and makes them more slippery. Don’t worry about red rubbing off because the purpose of heels is to be worn. Do your research to ensure that the repair shop has experience with Christian Louboutin heels.

7 – The So Kate Heels Are Beautiful but Uncomfortable

I have been debating buying the So Kate pumps for years. But Janie gave them to me and told me they were uncomfortable. I decided to wait. Although she still wears them, she doesn’t recommend them for anyone who will be standing all day or at work. Although I can tolerate some pain from heels, the platform heels are so comfortable! These heels are a great alternative to the So Kate pumps.

8 – Quality is Worth It

It’s possible to wonder if they are worth the price for the red sole. Selling designer heels was my first job. Quality is what matters. Although cute Steve Madden heels are always fun to wear, they eventually reach their limits. The best thing about designer heels is their durability.

9 – The Most Flattering Nude Heels

The nude heels look great in black but are far more flattering than the leading tone. These heels will enhance your legs and make you look sophisticated. Like me, you don’t have to be too hard on your shoes! These are the best.

10 – They Break In

They are made of high-quality Christian Louboutin heels and must be worn a few times before they become comfortable. Once they are comfortable, you won’t want to wear another heel again! Do not be afraid to try them on for the first time. They will soon feel like a cloud.

It would help if you had the right pair.

It’s always best to start with basics you can wear for many years. Then, add fun pairs to your collection when you have a few timeless heels. I’m planning on buying a pair of elegant strappy sandals to wear for formal events and weddings. These and these are my favourites!

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Tom Cruise is open to Reprising His Tropic Thunder Role.




Over the years, Tom Cruise has been seen in various roles, including Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible 2. He recently suggested that if he were to revive another character from his filmography, Les Grossman could be back from Tropic Thunder. Although the surface is a parody of movie executives, it’s unlikely that he would be the main focus of a feature film. However, he has previously appeared in the role on MTV, and it seems like he would not mind playing the part for the right opportunity. Maverick is the next Top Gun movie.

“I don’t know. Cruise spoke out about other roles he would like to reprise at Top Gun: Maverick’s premiere. “I don’t know what I am doing at the moment. I’m enjoying the night, but I must finish Mission: Impossible 2nd. I am enjoying this evening, and I will put away all my Mission stuff for a moment to breathe tonight.

The coronavirus pandemic delayed Maverick. Production on Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One also suffered setbacks. However, the show wrapped up last fall. Although those projects may be over, Maverick started production on Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part Two earlier in the year. Its massive scope and size likely required another long shooting schedule.

Top Gun: Maverick “After more than thirty years of service, Pete ‘Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is back where he belongs. He pushes the limits as a brave test pilot and avoids the rank advancement that would make him unfit for duty. Maverick finds himself training a group of Top Gun pilots for a specialized mission unlike any other. He meets Lt. Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), Maverick’s friend and Radar Intercept Officer, Lt. Nick Bradshaw (aka ‘Goose), who calls him ‘Rooster’. Maverick faces an uncertain future, confronts his ghosts and is forced to face his deepest fears. The mission will require the greatest sacrifice of those chosen to fly it.

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New York: The Mecca of Music Aficionados




The melting pot philosophy of America is most truly reflected in the culture of New York, which apart from being the most populated city in the US is also culturally rich and considered the world capital of live music. In 2017, the city alone hosted more than 28,000 gigs and concerts, but it is not just the number that makes New York the hub for live music, the musical diversity of the audiences has a major role to play in it. Right from harlem gospel choir tickets to tickets for blues or rock or folk, etc. getting sold in full capacity, New York has always proved its musical prowess amidst all other major cities across the globe.

Art and culture have always found their much-needed respect and appreciation amidst the diverse population of New York and have witnessed the success of many legends like Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, and Lou Reed among others to be mentioned. Music and other art forms have only grown in prominence under the eventful Manhattan skyline. Being a music enthusiast and visiting New York, it is no coincidence that you can end up in a concert of Jazz In Harlem.

From traditional gospel music to African American jazz, every genre of music finds its respite in the celebrated venues of New york city. New York City’s contribution to music is internationally recognized for its diversification and blending of varied cultural essences. Let’s check out some of the mention-worthy musical exposures in New York City that is a must for every music aficionado:

  • One of the most impressive venues for performers around the world is Carnegie hall, which has a long-standing history with art and music. Carnegie hall witnessed performances by The Beatles and Frank Sinatra among others worth mentioning. A short tour of the venue and revisiting the archives of the hall are going to be a rekindling of the historic performances for the music enthusiasts.
  • Visit the Met to experience their homage to brass through an intimate exhibition of some unique instruments that range from shoulder horns to pottery trumpets. You can request to hear the conch shell to understand the depth of its musical potential and get acquainted with one of the first brass instruments.
  • Fancy a lunch at one of the country music institutions, where you can experience live country music along with good food. These eateries create the perfect ambiance to enjoy country music and remember those iconic country artists through the display exhibitions.
  • Book yourself and your family the harlem gospel choir tickets and celebrate the Christmas season with a memorable gospel concert amidst the best choir singers. These concerts are the perfect space to enliven your inner singer and enjoy along with your group by singing along, dancing, and making some noise.
  • Plan a tour to Harlem and Bronx to immerse in the Hip-Hop culture. On a tour of Harlem, you can find yourself participating in a dance-off in the middle of the city Museum or rapping in unison or marveling at the graffiti murals. In addition, you can visit the iconic landmarks of the Bronx that reflect the story of the rise of Hip-Hop.
  • In case, you are a Bob Dylan fan, you can pretty much not miss the chance to dine at one of the icon’s favorite cafes. Caffe Dante is quite popular to have extensively served artists like Patti Smith and Bob Dylan, so having a meal here can be the most intimate way to connect with your favorite icons.
  • When in Harlem, never miss the chance to visit the iconic Apollo Theatre, which played an important role in the rise of African American artists. Apollo was the first venue to have made arrangements for the performances of the colored people in America, at a time when they were forbidden to enter the theatres. From the dance maestro Michael Johnson to singer Ella Fitzgerald, all started their careers on the iconic stage of Apollo Theatre.
  • Jazz In Harlem is in itself an once in a lifetime experience, you can enjoy a tour of the local Harlem church and enjoy a concert that connects to the community’s heartbeat. You can book yourself a tour of the Jazz parlors or enjoy jazz at a local restaurant amidst delectable dining. You can also take a tour down memory lane by listening to the legendary jazz compositions from the budding musicians while touring around Harlem.

Besides all the musical experiences in the city of New York, you can add up to your musical essence by booking your stay at a former music hall. Many luxury accommodations have come up building on the musical history of New York and can give you goosebumps sensations on knowing the history of the performances that took place here.

Bottom Line:

It is a well-established fact that the musical understanding and appreciation of New York have paved the way for the popularity of many famed artists. New York has opened its arm to embrace the diverse forms of music from Blues to Jazz to Hip-Hop to Gospel, etc. There are very few cities that can pride in their musical history and are actually representation of a melting pot of varied cultures. In short, if you are in New York, never fail to witness its musical richness whether in a rock concert in the heart of New York or a country Jazz In Harlem.

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