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Christian Louboutin shoes are known for their elegant, feminine designs and instantly recognisable signature red sole. From the highest of high heels to studded loafers to classic espadrilles, authentic Louboutin shoes are expertly crafted from only the finest materials. Many copycat manufacturers attempt to imitate this excellent craftsmanship, but it’s not, and these imitators are failing. Don’t fall victim to the fakes that are flooding the markets. Live the authentic life and purchase the real deal from Luxury.

CANNES, FRANCE – MAY 18: Actress Victoria Raposo attends the “Los Labios” Photocall at the Palais des Festivals during the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2010 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Although not every pair listed online comes with a shoebox, the box is often the first place to spot several tell-tale signs of a fake. Christian Louboutin shoes come in a sturdy brown box that features the Christian Louboutin logo in the crisp white text and the ‘Paris’ below on the bottom right corner. Remember to inspect that the typography is correct. Additionally, the logo’s placement and font are two fundamental aspects of the packaging.

Original boxes will have a sticker with the style name, European size, barcode and Christian Louboutin Logo, whereas fake products often don’t feature these details. Authentic designer products only use the best quality materials, from the actual Louboutin shoe down to the packaging. Copycats often use cheaper materials and do not pay close attention to the details. Loose cardboard paper not stuck down properly is a definite red flag! Don’t forget that a genuine box can still hold fake shoes, so always look at each element of the packaging and product.


Inside, the box should contain a cherry red dust cover, one large or two smaller bags, depending on the style of shoe you purchased. The dust bag should be high-quality felt or soft cotton. Fake dust bags are often made of thinner and cheaper materials with raw edges and uneven stitching. This cover should also contain the crisp black logo with the text ‘Paris’ on the bottom right. Please note that the logo doesn’t necessarily have to be centred. As with the box, it is essential to note the logo’s spacing, font and placement on the dust cover. In addition, fake dust bags come in various shades of red hues rather than the signature Louboutin cherry red. The opening of the dust bag will also have overlocked stitches and a black drawstring closure.


A genuine Christian Louboutin red sole is always a bright red hue with a classy gloss finish. This signature red is particular, so if you find Louboutin shoes with a different shade, then run! Fake red soles tend to come in other reds and have a matte-looking finish rather than a glossy one. We all know there’s nothing better than the signature Louboutin red. Still, if you’re unsure, there are many images of authentic Louboutin shoes online, don’t be afraid to use your resources! There is also the Christian Louboutin lettering inscribing on the red insole, so look for the correct logo and lettering. Authentic Louboutin shoes will have “Christian Louboutin,” “Made in Italy,” and the European size. Be careful as fake shoes often have “MadeInItaly” written as one word with no spaces. Another thing to note is that authentic Louboutin shoes have red-painted leather rather than plastic; the soles may scuff quicker. So, if you intend to buy a preowned pair, then scuff marks are, in fact, an indicator that the shoes are the real deal!


Christian Louboutin once sold baby blue bottoms. This was intended to provide ‘something blue for brides-to-be. However, this is now discontinued! See more exciting facts about Louboutins.


The quality of the shoe is a dead giveaway. Louboutin shoes are manufactured in Italy and are incredibly high quality. From the leather to the stitching, the placement of the embellishments – everything should be perfect! If the studs, glitter, sequins, or other details are less than ideal, there’s a good chance it’s a fake! The leather should be of high quality and shaped perfectly. A tell-tale sign of fraud is low-quality leather where the uppers look rippled. A popular replica style is to have a small black tip at the bottom of the heel. However, some authentic models have black information too. So, before purchasing, look up the brand and shoe model as a reference – usually, a thicker tip is a sign of the real deal.


Authentic Louboutin shoes should have perfect and consistent stitching. These should be tight and uniform throughout the shoe. Many fake pairs have double stitching or wide and uneven stitches. The authentic stitching is evenly spaced, accurate, fast, straight and with a tidy finish. The insole of the shoes should align with the side of the boots and be appropriately sealed. As seen on the fake ones, the insole is cut unevenly.

Additionally, some replicas have a tab that overlaps on the top of the seam on the back. Authentic Louboutin shoes like Pigalle, Daffodile, and So Kate doesn’t feature this. Look out for refined, sexy and feminine lines, as many fakes have bulky lines that do not feature in the always elegant Louboutin finish.


Brand new and authentic Christian Louboutin heels generally retail between R 8 776 – R 23 403. If someone is selling brand new Louboutin shoes for R500, best believe it’s fake! Even if you want to buy a pair of pre-owned Christian Louboutins, prepare to pay a pretty penny for a genuine couple. Yes, beauty does come at a hefty price sometimes. See the cost of Christian Louboutins Heels, but we’re sure you’ll agree it is well worth it! Between the high quality of genuine Louboutin shoes and the shoe envy from everyone else, these beauties practically pay for themselves! Wondering where to find an authentic pair of Louboutin shoes? At Luxury, duh! We guarantee 100% authentic Christian Louboutin handbags, shoes, and much more. We don’t do fakes, and neither should you! See our latest Louboutin accessories now.

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Let’s talk about shoes! Today I want to share my tips for purchasing your first pair of Christian Louboutin designer heels. As someone who has always loved designer heels, and as a girl who loves them so much, I have a weakness for designer heels. Is it worth the price? The short answer is yes.

My mom gave me my first pair of Christian Louboutin heels over ten years ago as a surprise for my sorority rush. I still have them! The red sole is a statement shoe, but the actual value of designer heels is their durability. You can get a black pair of pumps for as low as $100, but they may need to be replaced yearly due to wear and tear. Continue reading to learn ten tips for buying designer heels and what you should consider before spending the extra cash!

1 – They Spread A Lot

Many pairs of pumps I own are too big and have become uncomfortable. This is not something that happens overnight, but it can take years. I prefer to purchase heels with straps and a fun, caged-style pump. It is better to get a slightly smaller pair if you are in between sizes.

2 – Increase a Half Size in Boots

I am a size 37.5 in boots and a size 38 in boots. I always order half a size larger in boots. I did the same thing with Christian Louboutin booties. They fit tight around your feet, so the extra room makes them more comfortable!

3 – If in Doubt, Choose Classic

Louboutins come in many styles, but they are investment shoes that can be worn for years. I recommend starting with the classics and adding fun shoes later. I still have the black pumps that I received in the sorority rush.

4 – Black is Easier to Maintain Than Nude or Other Colors

Denos is my local shoe repair shop. I bring my heels there now and again to get them fixed. I love that I can make any pair of black Louboutin shoes look new again! Because I wear them constantly, they even wholly re-leather the heel! Although my nude heels may need some TLC, they are more durable than the black and won’t be entirely rejuvenated by the shoe shop.

5 – Leather over Suede

Leather is more durable than suede, and it’s similar in colour. A pair of designer suede heels are better than a rainstorm. I feel at ease knowing that my patent and leather heels can be buffed at a cobbler makes them so comfortable.

6 – The Red Resoled at a Shoe Repair Location

The red rubbing off is not something I worry about. A shoe repair can replace the damaged part or add a grippy pad. This adds grip to my heels and makes them more slippery. Don’t worry about red rubbing off because the purpose of heels is to be worn. Do your research to ensure that the repair shop has experience with Christian Louboutin heels.

7 – The So Kate Heels Are Beautiful but Uncomfortable

I have been debating buying the So Kate pumps for years. But Janie gave them to me and told me they were uncomfortable. I decided to wait. Although she still wears them, she doesn’t recommend them for anyone who will be standing all day or at work. Although I can tolerate some pain from heels, the platform heels are so comfortable! These heels are a great alternative to the So Kate pumps.

8 – Quality is Worth It

It’s possible to wonder if they are worth the price for the red sole. Selling designer heels was my first job. Quality is what matters. Although cute Steve Madden heels are always fun to wear, they eventually reach their limits. The best thing about designer heels is their durability.

9 – The Most Flattering Nude Heels

The nude heels look great in black but are far more flattering than the leading tone. These heels will enhance your legs and make you look sophisticated. Like me, you don’t have to be too hard on your shoes! These are the best.

10 – They Break In

They are made of high-quality Christian Louboutin heels and must be worn a few times before they become comfortable. Once they are comfortable, you won’t want to wear another heel again! Do not be afraid to try them on for the first time. They will soon feel like a cloud.

It would help if you had the right pair.

It’s always best to start with basics you can wear for many years. Then, add fun pairs to your collection when you have a few timeless heels. I’m planning on buying a pair of elegant strappy sandals to wear for formal events and weddings. These and these are my favourites!

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Crocs sales rise with the fashion-forward return.




Crocs are getting back in fashion if you like them or hate them.

This week, the shoemaker reported record sales for its first quarter. It also the company has increased its revenue forecast for 2021.

Sales grew 64% to $460 million (PS331m) during the quarter’s first three months of this year compared to the same period in the previous year. Pre-tax profits climbed to $122.5m between March and January from the previous $18.7m.

Suits you sir: Questlove wore a pair of gold Crocs at this year’s Academy Awards

Crocs Chief Executive Officer Andrew Rees now anticipates that sales for the entire year will grow by up to 50%, compared to the increase of 25%, which the company forecasted in February.


The demand for Crocs continues to be “stronger than before” around the globe, according to Mr Rees.

Some refer to the brand as”the “it-shoe” that is the cause of this pandemic. Many have turned to the controversial footwear company for comfortable clogs to wear with hoodies and leggings during the lockdown.

However, the US brand was already working with pop stars and celebrities to increase its appeal.

In 2018, the brand teamed up with the rapper Post Malone who designed his shoe, which resembles Swiss cheese.

Collaborations with Latin pop star Bad Bunny and singer Justin Bieber were the next Both of them were sold out in a matter of minutes.

Crocs are focusing on increasing its online business, which grew by 75.3 per cent in the initial quarter, and accounted for one-third of the total revenue for the time.

The company’s plan includes using social media to promote its products, and #crocs have racked up 1.6 billion impressions on TikTok, where people who are considered to be influencers upload videos of themselves dancing in the shoes or demonstrating the way they dress their shoes.

In the future, it stated that it was focusing on the development of new products like sandals and their “Jibbitz” charms for shoes that loyal customers can customise their footwear.

The company also plans to concentrate on celebrity and social campaigns in Asia, the region it sees as the “largest chance for long-term growth”.

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Where can I purchase Crocs Classic Crush sandals? Prices and other details are explored.




The brand is beyond just comfortable shoes. The Classic Crush Sandal, the latest model from the brand, is a staple that will fit into any summer wardrobe and is perfect for leisurely walks or outdoor activities.

The most recent Classic Crush sandals are easily purchased from the online retailer of the clogs brand. If you want to purchase an oversized pair of sandals to enjoy your beach vacation take a look at these $49.99 Clogs footwear.

The brand’s footwear line launched the pieces in a broad range of sizes. Women’s sizes range between 6 and 12, and the men’s sizes range between 4 and 13 are available on the brand’s website.

Crocs launched Classic Crush sandals in three distinct colours.

Bone colorway of the Classic Crush Sandals (Image via Sportskeeda)

Contrary to Crocs’ older, simpler designs, the new design has a “chunky” style influenced by fashion. This is why Crocs has promoted sandals as the perfect shoes for springtime outfits.

The description of the product Classic Crush Sandals on Croc’s official website reads:

The brand’s new style was launched in three colours: Black, Bone, and Digital Violet. The soft and rich colours perfectly match any style and mood.

Take a closer look at the three colorways (Image via Sportskeeda)

The extra-thick, slim lines and subtle labelling allow the pair to be paired with a range of clothes. The straps at the top of the shoes are Jibbitz comfortable, allowing the wearer to personalize their shoes with their preferred charms.

The big outsoles on these models make it more rugged with more airflow and comfort, which Crocs people love the most.

Purchase the Classic Crush sandals from and get them for $49.99.


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In addition, the clogs brand has recently introduced its Pollex Clogs with the famous designer Salehe Bembury. Bembury gained fame when he partnered with New Balance in 2021 and added his unique and creative design to the company’s iconic 574 Yurt design.

Bembury updated the Pollex Clogs and launched the clogs in distinct colours: Stratus, Urchin, and Crocodile. The pollex clogs dropped on the 24th of May 2022. They retail for $85.


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A post shared by AwakeNY (@awakenewyorkclothing)

Additionally, the clogs brand has recently introduced its Pollex Clogs with the famous designer Salehe Bembury. Bembury became famous following his collaboration with New Balance in 2021 and brought his distinctive and unique design to the company’s iconic 574 Yurt design.

Bembury changed the look of the Pollex Clogs and released their distinctive colours: Stratus, Urchin, and Crocodile. These pollex clogs came out on the 24th of May 2022. They retail for $85.

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