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Five ways that business travel is changing following the pandemic.



In the meantime, as Covid limitations and quarantines continue to be lifted across the globe and work-related travel is bouncing around hugely in 2022.

While travel, in general, suffered a decline during the epidemic, business travel was mainly a hard hit since conferences and video calls swiftly replaced on-site visits as well as in-person meetings. However, as the world is learning to deal with the epidemic, travel for work has halted massively in 2022.

According to the travel management firm, TripActions, business travel bookings during The first quarter of 2022 exceeded more than half of the total bookings for 2021. This was a 775 percent growth from March 2021 until March 2022. With the increasing acceptance of remote working and business travel, business travelers take extended “bleisure” stays, combining work trips with days to enjoy. Over a third of the business travelers choose to book longer (for up to seven-day) stay, an increase of 3 percentage points from the previous year.

While Covid restrictions and quarantines continue to be lifted across the globe, some areas are experiencing the most significant increase in this type of travel. We picked five countries witnessing substantial growth across different international regions in the volume of global business travel bookings (a hotel, flight rail, black car, and train reservations) through the TripActions platform. We interviewed residents to understand how business travel is changing and the best way to create more sustainable work-play stays.

One of London’s financial hubs, Canary Wharf is home to many national and global headquarters (Credit: John Lamb/Getty Images)

United Kingdom

With the highest number of business travel bookings within Europe this year as per TripActions information, the UK is a significant center in international commerce. Meetings in person are a vital element of this culture.

“Many global companies have their headquarters in London,” stated Ioanna Karelia, the creator of the online company Be Your Maverick. “Conducting business in person is often necessary to establish trust and close deals.” IN MID-MARCH, the UK lifted the final restriction on its traveling Covid limits (including the arrival test and forms for passenger locators), and the increase in business travelers has been apparent.

“Business travelers have begun to pour in from all corners of the globe,” said Harrison Sharrett, marketing manager of office rental firm Prime Office Space. There is a renewed interest in coworking space and other types of flexible spaces suitable for short-term stays.”

To offset some of the carbon footprints of traveling internationally, business travelers are encouraged to choose sustainable hotels, like The One Aldwych situated in London’s Covent Garden, which earned the Green Tourism Business Scheme’s gold recognition due to the sustainable foods its sources as well as its composting program on-site and biodegradable packaging for amenity items. Try The city’s Good Hotel, which doesn’t just give its profits to charities worldwide, and the hotel was built from a floating hotel that was abandoned in the Netherlands.

The majority of Covid restrictions have now been removed. However, each country (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) has specific rules that travelers should know before departing.

Business travellers to Catalonia are now looking outside of Barcelona for corporate getaways (Credit: Ventura Carmona/Getty Images)


The second-highest number of business travel reservations in Europe in the calendar year (after those in the UK), Spain has seen certain kinds of business travel – specifically corporate travel – grow stronger post-pandemic. This is especially true in the economically vital Catalonia region.

“Pre-Covid we would receive on average two or three business corporate event enquiries per month,” said Richard Calvin, owner of Charming Villas Catalonia. “Since Christmas, we are now receiving on average eight to 10 monthly enquiries.”

The way of traveling has changed too. When in the past, travelers were looking to be near Barcelona while spending more time within the city, current activities tend to be more focused on the countryside. “The necessity of being close to Barcelona is not so high,” Calvin added. Calvin.

Travel companies booking trips to Spain are also taking environmental concerns more seriously than ever before. As Calvin observes, businesses are increasingly asking for hybrid or electric cars and are choosing local companies over multinational chains.

If you’re looking for a place to stay that combines the charm of the past with sustainability for the future, look into this Can Cuch Hotel, located in a farmhouse dating to the 10th century within the Catalonian Natural Park Montseny. The hotel is solely dependent on its energy sources (predominantly produced by photovoltaic and thermal plates) and does not require fossil fuels.

Guadalajara has seen big investments into business over the past two years (Credit: Elijah Lovkoff/EyeEm/Getty Images)


With the most significant number of business travel reservations than any other Latin American country, Mexico kept some of the most flexible travel regulations during the pandemic that allowed anyone to enter on the air for work or leisure travel, regardless of their vaccination status. This is why the country has experienced an increase in digital nomads as businesses have adopted more flexible remote-work policies and many corporate retreats. Employees use the chance to get together in a not official headquarters space.

Although Mexico City remains the most crucial hub for economic activity, Guadalajara, the country’s second-largest city, has invested a lot of money into the business in the last two years. The largest convention center in the country, Expo Guadalajara, invested over $23 million in Mexican pesos during the outbreak to promote hygienic practices, introduce procedures for testing and establish isolation zones.

The area has also witnessed an influx of new establishments over the last year. Fernanda Landa, Director of Guadalajara Tourism Board, recommends Guadalajara Tourism Board recommends the restaurant Yunaites, which began operations on January 20, 2021. “It’s a new concept in Mercado IV Centenario [a city marketplace], inspired by high-quality dairy products from the small town of San Jose de Gracia,” she stated. “Try the mole cosechero [a pork and cumin-flavored sauce dish], minguiche tacos [which include chilies, cheese and cream] and encotijadas [similar to an enchilada, but with a Cotija cheese sauce], which can be enjoyed from communal seating.”

She also suggests MATEOS restaurant, part of the recently opened Bullworth Hotel, which aims to assist those who want to switch to a plant-based diet by mainly providing vegetarian menus that feature local products and traditional Mexican food items.

Delhi locals say that signs of business recovery are already evident, with increased traffic on the roads (Credit: Kriangkrai Thitimakorn/Getty Images)


While business travel has been hit in this region, India remains a leader in Asia-Pacific business travel, ranked second place in the area, just behind Australia. Airlines have announced new non-stop flights connecting the two countries to aid business travel even more.

The signs of a business revival are already apparent to residents. “The streets are now back to normal and it may take additional time going from one point to another,” said New Delhi resident Seema Roy. He is the managing director of the region for Preferred Hotels and Resorts. “Account for traffic, especially when planning for meetings.”

Roy added that travelers must be aware of the significant changes that hotels have implemented to increase security, such as thermal scanning, contactless check-in and checkout, and digital menus in restaurants.

While it’s located in a historic 1950s structure that is now a five-star Ashok Hotel in Delhi, it has undergone numerous improvements over the last few years to become LEED Gold certified, which includes reclaimed rainwater and planting native trees and an organic garden on site. In Agra, the recently open Tree of Life Ecotainers transforms old shipping crates into 320 square feet of rooms set in a lush, private space with seating outside.

Although travelers no longer need to submit the PCR test upon their arrival in this country. However, travelers have to upload their information through a self-declaration online form or wear a face mask in many locations, although this can differ from state to state.

Calgary is a business travel hub due to its large oil and natural gas industries (Credit: Dean Pictures/Getty Images)


In the overall business travel bookings this season, Canada sees more remote workers at its resorts and more business stays, as per the managers of rental properties. Much of this thus is caused by Canadian citizens taking advantage of remote working (more than 27 percent of employed Canadians are reported to be planning a vacation this year). The number of international travelers here is predicted to increase more. Canada has gotten rid of the requirement to test in April for travelers who have been vaccinated. It is expected to lead to an increase in foreign workers and international events.

“We have noticed business travel becoming an ever-increasing part of our business,” said Vancouver resident Connor Griffiths, the holiday rental firm Lifty Life owner. “This is driven by remote workers choosing to make medium-length stays in the off-season, and our move into larger metropolitan cities such as Kelowna and Calgary.”

Griffiths advises Canada has the most expensive mobile data charges worldwide, so business travelers should be prepared with a global-friendly plan as much as feasible.

Based on the type of industry depending on the industry, business travel tends to concentrate upon Vancouver and Calgary to the western portion of the country and Montreal and Toronto to the east. In Vancouver, the luxury OPUS hotel provides guests with free bikes to explore the city and offers an eco-friendly cocktail program. Toronto residents Baruch Labunski, the CEO of the Ontario-based marketing firm Rank Secure, recommends staying at Hotel X Toronto for its green philosophy.

“It’s LEED certified, has green rooftops, recycles everything possible, and it’s situated in gorgeous parks and gardens,” he stated. “Sure, you could stay at a faceless chain hotel, but I think we should celebrate the return of business travel by cultivating cool experiences, even while we’re working on the road.”

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Jim Gaffigan’s wife? Jeannie Gaffigan, the Personal and Professional Executive Producer for Jim Gaffigan.



“If a man calls another person crazy, it’s a compliment. If I were to say, “This is Jeannie, my wife.” She’s crazy…'”

Don’t worry. She’s not. Jeannie is not only Jim’s co-pilot, but she’s also his co-executive producer on many of his TV shows. We know a lot about Jeannie Gaffigan. She has been Jim’s partner for over 20 years.

Who is Jim Gaffigan’s wife?

Jeannie Noth Gaffigan is 51 years old and was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Marquette University was her graduation.

Both Gaffigans are Catholic. Jim even joked about Jeannie’s devotion to the faith as a Shiite Catholic. Both come from large, Midwestern families. While he was the youngest of six children growing up in Chesterton, Indiana, Jeannie was the oldest of nine.

How did Jim Gaffigan find his wife?

Jeannie and Jim moved to New York City in their 20s to pursue different careers. They ended up sharing a block in the same Manhattan neighborhood, which is how they met. Jeannie witnessed Jim perform in a sketch group and said he was terrific. After meeting at a local farmer’s market, they began to talk. Gaffigan tried to get her to eat lunch, but she refused. “I said, ‘I’m busy,'” she’s recalled. He asked me again and again. He finally asked me if I would go to lunch with him on Saturday.'”

Their professional partnership began when Jeannie asked Jim for a workshop for Shakespeare on the Playground. He also asked her for help with his acting skills. They were able to work together on the 2000 CBS comedy Welcome to New York, which starred Sara Gilbert and Christine Baranski.

What does Jeannie Gaffigan do?

Jeannie is a comedian, writer, and producer. She has been behind the scenes of all her husband’s comedy specials. This includes Beyond the Pale (2006) and King Baby (2009), Mr. Universe (2012) and Obsessed (2014), Cinco (2017) and Noble Ape (2018), Quality Time (2019), and The Pale Tourist (202020). He also had her work on The Jim Gaffigan Show on TV Land, loosely based upon their lives from 2015 to 2016. (She alter ego was Ashley Williams, a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie star.

Jeannie is also the author of When Life Gives You Pears: The Healing Power of Family, Faith, and Funny People. She is also the director and founding member at The Imagine Society Inc., a youth-led non-profit organization that brings together youth-service agencies to improve their communities.


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A post shared by @jeanniegaffigan

What type of illness was Jeannie Gaffigan suffering from?

Jeannie was diagnosed in April 2017 with a benign brain tumor. The surgeons determined that the tumor was pear-sized. Now you know why her book’s name is called this! The papilloma had grown for one year around her brain stem. PEOPLE spoke to her about how she had ignored her recurring headaches, dizziness, and coughing fits for months. She also said that she could ignore her hearing loss, dizziness, and chronic dizziness. She said, “I was a ticking bomb, waiting for paralysis.” Jeannie was able to undergo a successful nine-hour surgery to remove her tumor. But, it wasn’t an easy recovery. Before she was discharged from the hospital, Jeannie had to be fitted with a feeding tube because of aspiration pneumonia. Jeannie said that she made deals with God but that all she wanted was to live and to be Victoria’s Secret model.

Jim was always there to support him through it all. Jeannie told NPR that Jim realized he wasn’t going to be a widower and that he was just my comedian concierge. He would wash my hair. He became… a gossipy Steel Magnolias salon owner who has been divorced five more times. This kind of thing taught me… my marriage with Jim was designed at the start of time.” She is fully recovered, and the couple has infused their experiences into Jim’s standup. He laughed and said, “The tumor is gone,” and that he was able to win another argument.


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A post shared by Jim Gaffigan (@jimgaffigan)

Jim Gaffigan has been married for how long?

Jim and Jeannie were married on July 26, 2003, at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, New York. She was 33, and he was 37 at the time. They celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary in 2021.

Jim Gaffigan has how many children?

Five children were born to the couple: Jack, Marre, and Katie; Patrick, Patrick, and Michael. Jim said that home birth meant they took hundreds of years worth of medical knowledge and tossed it away. You do it yourself! ‘Hey, I can’t program a VCR. I am here to help. “Where would you like me to stand, scared?”

The Gaffigan’s suffered an infant loss in 2008 when their newborn daughter tragically died just a few hours after she was born. Jeannie and her husband, Jeannie, shared their grief with Catholic New York. “We were able to hold our baby until she fell asleep and didn’t get up,” Jeannie explained. She also said their prayers were answered when they welcomed Katie to the family on Mother’s Day 2009. Jeannie said that the Blessed Mother reminded her of how she showed her through pain, “in a very literal manner,” God’s beautiful gift to her

Jim has expressed his admiration for his wife’s parenting abilities. He once told PEOPLE that his wife is “industrious and very good at making the kids’ lives special, such as decorating their rooms and giving them attention.” Jim, however, revealed that he is the disciplinarian in the family and takes away screen time.

Jim Gaffigan lives where?

The entire Gaffigan family lived in a Manhattan apartment with two bedrooms until 2015. Jim frequently spoke about Jeannie and his unusual decision to have so many children in such a small area. He told NPR in 2013 that he understood the importance of a yard. I understand why a child would come home covered in dirt from playing in the mud. However, it is possible to do that. There are many benefits to living in a city. People I know who grew up in cities, whether New York City or Boston, are my favorite. They’re well-adjusted. Two men standing next to them won’t make them panic. They don’t get scared by cultural, socio-economic, or other differences. That’s a great gift to give kids.

The couple eventually upgraded to a larger apartment in the city (actually, it is three apartments all combined), which was a major life-changing event that also played out on The Jim Gaffigan Show.

The family moved to New York three months after the pandemic. Jim said they “rented a home and moved upstate” in July 2020. However, it is not clear if they have since returned to NYC.

You might be wondering why they stream family dinners to YouTube.

Although the Gaffigans never had a reality TV show, they decided to share their lives with fans during quarantine lockdown and invite them to Dinner via YouTube to raise money for a good cause. I have friends who won’t allow me to share pictures of their kids on Instagram. There’s a big difference between Dinner With the Gaffigan’s, raising healthcare workers’ money, and going all Kardashian. Jim said the personal benefit is that we are forced to eat Dinner together.

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Coral Reefs Provide Stunning Images of a World Under Assault.



Humans aren’t aware of what’s missing in Miami, located just beneath the surface of an active transportation channel that is”the “cruise capital of the world.”.

MIAMI (AP) Humans aren’t sure what’s happening beneath the surface of the bustling transport channel that is The “cruise capital of the world.” Under the massive ship’s keels, underwater cameras provide live video feeds from another planet, displaying marine life trying to thwart global warming.

The camera that’s located in The Miami’s Government Cut is just one of the many projects that a marine biologist as well as an artist who’s been in a 15-year quest to bring awareness to dying coral reefs through mixing science and art to make undersea life a part of popular culture.

Their company, Coral Morphologic, provides stunning photos and posts amazing closeups of underwater animals on social media. They also set time-lapsed videos of swaying, glowing coral to tunes and projecting it onto buildings, even selling beachwear with a coral theme collection.

“We aren’t all artists. We’re not all science. There is more to us than technology. We’re alchemy.” stated Colin Foord, who defies the appearance of a typical scientist with his hair that is so sharp that it looks like it’s charged. Foord and his business partner J.D. McKay met with The Associated Press to show their work.

Their most well-known initiative is Coral City Camera, which recently surpassed 2 million views and typically is viewed by around 100 people at any time during the day.

“We’re going to be able to document one year of coral growth, which has never been done before in situ on a coral reef, and that’s only possible because we have this technological connection right here at the Port of Miami that allows us to have power and internet,” Foord added.

Livestreams have already demonstrated that corals like staghorn can adapt and thrive in a densely populated undersea habitat and the 177 species of fish, manatees, dolphins, and other sea creatures, Foord said.

“We have very robust corals that are growing here. Our primary objective in submerging it was to let people know that there’s plenty of marine life within our town,” Foord said.

However, McKay sounds like a Broadway producer when he explains how he films animals in the Miami lab. He also grows coral in tanks to prepare them to be photographed in stunning colour.

“We essentially create a set with one of these aquariums, and then obviously there’s actors — coral or shrimp or whatever –, and then we film it, and then I get a vibe, whatever might be happening in the scene, and then I soundtrack it with some ambient like sounds, something very oceanic,” McKay explained.

This week, their most recent film, ” Coral City Flourotour, ” will be displayed in the New World Center Wallscape. The Aspen Institute hosts a major climate conference in Miami Beach. Foord is on a panel on how the ocean’s natural systems can aid humans in overcoming the impacts of climate change. The title of the talk is “The Ocean is a Superhero.”

“I think when we can recognize that we’re all this one family of life and everything is interconnected, that hopefully we can make meaningful changes now, so that future generations don’t have to live in a world of wildfires and melted ice caps and dead oceans,” Foord said to the AP.

Their mission is crucial. The reason is that after the passage of 500 million years on Earth, the species is being threatened by climate changes. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the warming oceans cause coral bleaching and increase the possibility of developing infectious diseases that can lead to massive coral deaths. The force of storms and the modifications in water chemistry could cause damage to reef structures, and changes in the currents can eat away larvae and food.

“Climate change is the greatest global threat to coral reef ecosystems,” NOAA stated in a report released recently.

This brings us to the second aspect of the name Coral Morphologic. “What is it that means to be Morphologic? It is essential to adapt to the changing environment because it is constantly changing,” Foord said.

The Elkhorn, staghorn and brain corals that live within Government Cut provide a real-world example of how the coral community adapt to changes such as rising temperatures and runoff that is polluted even in such an unorthodox setting, the Port of Miami. Their video has shown the fluorescence of some corals, a rare response to the ocean’s currents that Foord claimed could be shielding the coral from solar radiation.

“The port is a priceless place for coral research,” Foord stated. “We have to be realistic. You won’t be able to return the ecosystems to the way they were 200 years ago. The options we are left with are more radical.”

Beyond the science, there are the clothing. Coral Morphologic sells a line of swimwear and surf clothing that incorporates floral designs, anemones and brain corals and utilizes environmentally sustainable materials, like a kind of nylon that has been recycled from fishing nets that were once used for fishing.

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Options for business study expand as new roles become apparent



More than 330 level eight business courses are offered in the country right now

If you had to talk with students in the Leaving Cert pupils and inquire about what they plan to pursue in the coming year, a significant majority would choose a business education type. It’s one of the most sought-after courses offered to students entering the third grade.

Around one out of 6 applicants who apply to the Central Applications Office seeking a college spot in a level eight higher education program mentions a business degree as their top choice, next to arts.

This is not surprising considering the wide selection of courses that this subject offers. Indeed, a quick lookup at Equifax. i.e., the website shows over 330 level-eight business courses available across all of Ireland, and almost every institution within the CAO system offers a selection of business-related classes.

Business degrees form a general term that includes employment in retail banking and management, insurance and accounting, human resource management and entrepreneurship, finance marketing, and sales.

Based on Donnchadh O’Mahony, a guidance counselor at Loreto College Stephen’s Green, the variety of subjects is one of the primary motivators for students.

“It’s very broad and provides an array of options for students. For instance the general business degree, based on the subject you are specialized in it could be accounting marketing, finance, accounting,” he said.

“Then there are additional choices. For finance, there’s an the option of an investment banker or stockbroker. In marketing, you have branding, marketing, and as well as social media. There are roles that are emerging which weren’t available just a few years ago.”

If you’re looking to pursue a degree at university degrees, one of the most extensive business programs is Trinity College’s business economics, social studies, and economics (BESS) program. It’s always a hit because it combines aspects of economics, business studies, sociology, politics, and.

Suppose you decide to go with the common-entry program. In that case, students will be able to test every aspect during the first few years, including accounting, supply chain management, and human resources.

In the later part of the program, after being exposed to the various opportunities in the field, they’ll be able to choose an important.

Mr. O’Mahony stated that it is essential for students to investigate the options in their major after their course because certain schools offer more choices than other colleges.

The requirements for points in the courses are different based on the institute the class is situated in. In 2021, the points requirement for the majority of systems reached record levels because of the grade inflation due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The points to be used for business at UCD went up from 498 to 521 in the last year and applicants this year need 555 points to be eligible for commerce or international commerce. BESS at Trinity also increased for the second time consecutively, increasing by 543 points to 577.

The business studies offered at the Dublin Business School were up from 218 to 243. at DCU, it jumped from 488 to 511, while At UL, the increase was from 431 to 551.

There is no requirement that students study business-related subjects like economics, business studies, or accounting – at the Leaving Cert or higher.

But, he said that despite this increase in points, there are still classes for business students who aren’t expecting to receive impressive results in their Leaving Cert scores.

“Some of the most well-known universities such as Trinity and UCD have higher marks for their BESS and commerce business courses. However, points at traditional IT colleges that are now universities, which means you’ll earn an academic degree lower than the levels eight degrees,” Mr. O’Mahony said.

“And they could also provide levels 6- or 7 options for students. Students may then go up to a higher level. Therefore, if you’re considering pursuing an MBA I’d recommend not only the level eight list, but also the level six and seven lists as well.”

Students may also be interested in business-related apprenticeships. Recently, Solas, the further education and training authority, has created a range of internships, including the level-six accounting technician and a level eight program in insurance practices, level-six associate in international financial services, and global financial services specialist is a level eight.

In terms of data and data, business courses come out in a highly profitable way. A study conducted by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) revealed that the dropout rate for business courses is declining.

In the 2019-2020 academic calendar, around 8 percent of students studying law, business, and administration degrees did not graduate, down from 12 percent in 2017-2018.

As per Grad Ireland, engineering, IT banking and finance, HR, accountancy, and the research and development industry are among the fields that are highly sought-after for graduate recruiters, with technology leading the way in this field.


The salaries of graduates in the sector vary depending on their specialized industry.

Based on the results of 2020’s Grad Ireland graduate survey, the average starting wage for graduates working in banking, financial, and investment banking was EUR30,329 a year, while those working in accounting and financial management were paid EUR26,757.

Students of HR and recruitment received a mean of EUR29,447. Graduates working in digital media and marketing earned EUR28,957.

Because the classes are broad and diverse and diverse, so are the abilities students acquire, such as writing and oral communication, leadership, time management, analytical, and critical thought.

“Obviously, as with all degrees, they will also include independent study. You will be developing your interpersonal skills and teamwork abilities, which are vital in the business world. The majority of degrees will be equipped with digital literacy, too,” Mr. O’Mahony said.

“Then there’s the technical expertise. There’s a lot of maths in business degrees regardless of whether it’s looking at business data, whether it’s looking into the financial maths or an aspect of accounting.”

For students who are not comfortable with math, Mr. O’Mahony stated that it was crucial to look at the different modules before deciding on the business course that is most suited to their needs.

“If you were to do something like a marketing degree from the get go, there wouldn’t be as much mathematics in it as there would in a common-entry business degree,” said the professor.

In recent times, there is also an increase in global business due to the ever-increasing interconnectedness of the globe. These degree programs allow students to spend an entire year in a foreign country and learn a language studying at the university.

Mr. O’Mahony claimed that speaking another language and the business-related capabilities is a “major selling point” when trying to find a job.

“You’re likely to have a proficiency in the language at the end of your studies, along with a thorough understanding of a country’s markets, culture, social structures. Ireland has a lot of international countries, that we have international commerce with many nations around the globe Therefore, having graduates with this ability lets us trade with other nations,” he said.

Mr. O’Mahony stated that specific languages are highly sought-after, like Mandarin Chinese, German, Spanish and French.

“If you could combine business degrees, and the language of your choice, it could be even more advantageous to you in the workplace. This is something Ireland is trying to encourage.”

The prospects for employment after graduation are also excellent. According to the DCU’s graduate job survey, the survey found that 86 percent of the business school graduates found full-time work following their graduation.

According to Mr. O’Mahony, the growing tech industry is a significant factor.

“These firms require workers who have a background in IT They require accountants and an executive in charge of brand. There’s a vast array of career options,” he added.

In recent years, most large corporations have started to offer graduate programs, specifically for students who are just finishing their degrees.

“They instruct you in how they would like you to perform daily. They prefer that you have a business background from their college education before they can go on to these graduate programs, and you can specialize in a specific area within the company if you wish,” Mr. O’Mahony added.

Options for employment

The career opportunities available to graduates of the business field are numerous and diverse, based on the areas that the students are specialized in.

In the finance and banking sector, you can find jobs as stockbrokers, accountants, actuaries, and investment bankers.

Many business graduates also choose to pursue leadership positions because of the emphasis on management within the programs.

Entrepreneurship is a skill that is learned through these degrees. This means graduates are often able to set up their own companies and companies.

The degrees in marketing can lead to positions in advertising and brand management. With the increasing importance of online marketing, there is even marketing via digital channels.

Additionally, there are jobs in tech companies, human resources, and public relations.


The skills students learn to depend on the course they decide to take. However, a few acquired skills are universal, like communication. This is cultivated by writing assignments and presentations, which are essential throughout the course.

The ability to work in teams is also acquired in this field of study due to the emphasis on group work throughout the classes.

The ability to solve problems and develop analytical skills is essential to learning and developing entrepreneurship and creative thinking.

Digital literacy is an integral part of nearly every degree course, but it is most prominently emphasized in business, with numerous classes providing in-depth tutorials covering various computer programs.

Case studies in business

Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of the course is that the content was never planned. It was an opportunity to learn about the technological industry, and it was evident that the technology changed so quickly that the course changed with it.

We were taught a class in my final year that was titled IT and society. It looked at the effects of technology on our daily lives. It made me realize that technology and business, in particular, are an integral part of our lives.

The marketing innovation and technological (Mint) course prepared me for my future career. I applied for an Enterprise Ireland graduate course when I was done and got to work at the San Francisco office. Mint, like the course, was very focused on technology and start-ups, which was a big plus to me as I submitted my application for Enterprise Ireland.

I had already had a year of working experience during the course instead of coming in as a fresh graduate without any previous experience.

There are a lot of technology firms that are establishing themselves in Ireland and are rapidly growing. They’re looking for business-minded graduates with a solid understanding of the technology they’re working with to understand the products they’re marketing truly.

What’s great about this study is it’s much more than accounting. You are studying tax law, law financial, finance, and other technologies. There are excellent exemptions for professional examinations with the BSc in accounting.

The class sizes aren’t too big, which provides an excellent opportunity to network, and I’m still in contact with lots of classmates from my class even though I graduated in 2007.

The course is expansive and must be, in reality, because the scope of what you can be involved in as a qualified accountant is so diverse. This is a degree that offers potential for international employment. The market for jobs is robust; accountants can decide when and where they would like to work.

When you graduate, you gain essential insight into how the business operates. You develop the ability to analyze, much of your work is done in teams, and you are accustomed to speaking in groups.

The experience was life-changing in the end, it has offered me some inspiring opportunities, and it has also enriched our family’s business. The work environment for remote workers is quite different today, and I’m incredibly fortunate to be working with UK clients at our headquarters in West Cork.

The profession of professional services can be challenging, but it’s also a gratifying profession.

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