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“Business communities can be nurtured by using the latest tools’



We feel lucky. Being a new company with a brilliant idea just one or two years before the global pandemic outbreak, wee faced the typical tough road ahead in the idea’s introduction to the market and ensuring it flourished. This was especially difficult in Malta, where the concept of contactless payments has not received the acclaim it deserved despite its unique quirks and charm. The majority of people preferred cash payments. Thank you very much!

Then, the coronavirus epidemic struck, and in addition to being a challenging time for us all as well, it became an ideal time for innovation, specifically regarding the way we transfer and manage money. Solutions needed to be more effective and flexible. This is why efficiency and flexibility are the main goals at whamo. In essence, the moment was and is just right for us.

We want more than anything to ease the lives of small-scale business owners. It’s as easy as. The thing that frustrates me when I examine the world around me is the gap between what technology can do and what’s accessible in terms of innovation for everyday small businesses such as sole traders and startups on a tight budget. There’s incredible innovative technology. However, the best solutions aren’t where they ought to be. Although we as a society often claim that we believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship, in reality, we don’t place our money where our mouths are. Traditional banks have been able to adapt to the needs of their customers and introduce some very innovative features for customers but not much even for companies. They’re just too old-fashioned and complicated to change and take on the needs and demands of small-scale business owners in the present.

We know the challenges that small companies face well: 1.) it’s a lot more work than it is supposed to be to establish a business financial account (sometimes it’s impossible) 2) it’s unnecessary complicated and costly to process payments (the essential element for any company) 3.) it’s daily stress to be forced to switch between one platform, app, account or website to manage your business online. And in the end, everything costs too high and takes too much time.

In the past four years, we came up with solutions to these issues, and now we’re looking beyond that and exploring how our agile technology can address issues in specific business areas (more on this in the future). This is why we constantly ask our customers for their feedback, no matter if it’s positive or not because it’s not just our technology that has to be agile but also the people who use it. We commit to expanding and adapting, and having strong customer relations that seek honest feedback is the basis for this.

Knowing the most pressing issues and listening to our clients, We designed an answer to make banking for business easy and enjoyable for small-scale business owners, freelancers, sole traders and many more.

In the beginning, we made creating an account for a business as simple as opening an individual one. As the business’s owner, it is easy to download the application to enter your and your business’s information, establish your identity by scanning documents and then speaking a word through your phone’s camera. We take care of the rest. You now have a company account, which is similar to an account at a bank but specifically designed for modern-day needs, within 10 minutes! This is precisely what the report should work. Secure, professional, not a benefit from a traditional bank. It is only about gains.

The second issue is the considerable burden and expense of making payments. With the advances we’ve made in fintech advancements, it’s a shame that prices aren’t that difficult, and yet, taking payments can be a hassle for small companies and sole traders in particular. We’ve accepted the possibilities of QR code technology – which is ubiquitous in China because of… the fact that it is effective! It allows anyone to get a credit card by simply showing the customer the QR code, whether it’s digitally stored on their smartphone and physically printed on a sticker, chunk of wood or whatever else works. We know that consumers don’t want to be required to download, register, sign up or fill out any forms to access your payment system. Fair enough, according to us. With warmth, your client scans your QR using their smartphone. The wallet will open, and they input the amount to be paid. Done.

More than QR, the availability of multiple payment options is crucial. You don’t wish to turn the customer off due to a non-acceptable payment method. With warm, you can also provide payment links to make payments (this is the most advanced technology in payment technology and is highly secure). Customers can transfer funds to your account at whamo as usual, obviously, but when it’s a payment made from whamo, it’s as simple as peer2peer. You look up your contacts and ask for the amount.

The second major issue small businesses encounter is “app-juggling to stay up to speed with their finances. To be organised, efficient, and digitalized, Small business owners need to find an array of applications to control their expenses, including customer payments, B2B payments, accounting management, team finances and much more. Although some of these apps can be integrated with others and be used in conjunction, they can become time-consuming. The main goal was to provide one place where busy business owners could do everything connected to their company finances. We have created sub-accounts that can manage revenue streams linked to Visa debit cards to manage spending for each individual or project. Whamo reports do precisely what it claims on the tin: you may request an analysis on the entire account or particular sub-accounts, drastically reducing the time spent on paper-chasing and calculating.

Additionally, the team management feature on our system is one that we’ve seen our customers appreciate. It’s great for setting employees having their accounts, spend limit and cards. As the account owner, you have no chance to miss anything since it’s all at your fingertips on the dashboard. You can also choose who gets to see what by dividing the roles.

When it comes to costs, we strive to be transparent and fair. We believe that a subscription model is the best option for everyone, and ours is easy and cost-effective. The smaller your business, the less you’ll pay. Best for those who are a freelancer or sole traders, there’s no fee for subscriptions in any way – you have a business account completely free.

We believe we can prove that B2B financial management could be more P2P. Business communities can be strengthened by using innovative tools that foster connections, ease and efficiency, rather than putting barriers or spanners in the process. We’ve got a vision, and we’re committed to it.

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Benefits of installing Penrith Solar Panels for your home:



Are you not able to freely use electricity the way you used to do before, owing to the high electricity costs and inconstant power supply? But, are you aware of the fact that if the power of the sun is properly channelized, it can power up heavy appliances like TVs, ACs, refrigerators, computers, heaters, and other devices without any intervention. At the same time, when you install Penrith Solar Panels, you can cut down on monthly electricity costs. Investing in Green Solar Energy is the future. Besides helping you to minimize your electricity costs, it also reduces your reliance on a centralized power supply and also reduces your carbon fingerprint. Have a look at some of the benefits of embracing solar power for homes.

(1) Save lots of money:  Once you install Penrith Solar Panels in your home, you will install a big dip in your electricity bills. Having solar panels in your home will definitely save on your monthly electricity costs. According to studies, you can save up to 95% of your monthly electricity bills by installing rooftop panels. By making use of the Sun’s energy, the solar panels directly allow you to generate electricity. Therefore, when you switch to solar electricity, your dependency on grid-based electricity is greatly reduced. Once electricity costs get reduced, this, in turn, significantly increases your savings. Year-round service, savings, and efficiency all are ensured by a solar power system.

(2) Escalate the value of your property: Installing Penrith Solar Panels increases your property value by at least 3-4%. Investing in Green Solar Energyautomatically drives up property values offering real estate agents a captivating selling point for real estate agents. When you sell your home, you not only regain the initial cost of the solar system, but also you receive a premium that increases the return on your investment.

(3) Liberty from Centralized Grids: Your dependency on centralized government or private grids significantly decreases once you decide to take benefit of the Green Solar Energy. In weather of inconsistent supply and ever-increasing demand,the safest and the most sustainable bet, in the long run, is to go independent. Installing Penrith Solar Panels provides a safe future investment. You can enjoy additional independence by adding a battery backup to your solar power system. In this way, you can not only generate your own power but also store it for future use, especially if there is a failure of the main grid for some reason or the other.

(4) Contributing to a better environment: Though convenient, fossil fuel-generated electricity is disastrous for the environment. Once you invest in Green Solar Energy, you are actually investing in a renewable and green energy source, which is advantageous for the environment as well. Solar power produces no air pollution, no water pollution, and no greenhouse gas effects and thus, is completely clean. When electricity is produced by solar panels, there is no release of any harmful emissions and is also carbon-free. The need for finite resources is also reduced. Enjoy your clean, renewable power every day continuously and that is too guilt-free.

(5) It is not that expensive: The initial cost of installing Penrith Solar Panels can be high, but there are subsidies and government schemes that offer rebates to aid with the initial costs. And, remember, that this is a one-time investment. They are extremely durable and over their productive lifetime, which spans 25 years or more, they require very little or almost zero maintenance. They are also very easy to maintain. You only need to occasionally dust the solar panels which will remove dirt, leaves or any other fragments that might have accumulated over time. You can also call for a professional, once in a while to clean these panels.

(5) Don’t require additional space for installation: One of the biggest advantages of installing Penrith Solar Panels is that you can install them on any type of roof. So, there is no need to invest in purchasing additional land or empty land to set up rooftop solar panels. Moreover, when you install these panels, they also protect the roof of the building.

(6) Solar Power has multiple applications: Besides the generation of electricity, several other purposes can also be met by solar power. You can solar power to heat water and supply hot air or water to a building. Electricity generators can also be run by it.

The Bottom Line:

The most popular type of alternate electricity that can be effortlessly installed in your home is solar power. Not only is Green Solar Energy a sustainable and reliable power resource, but, if properly channelized, can it run each and every device in your home. Presently, for all your electricity concerns, the most sustainable solution is to opt for Penrith Solar Panels, which has several environmental and economic benefits also. Invest in solar rooftop systems for better service, more savings, and an improved lifestyle.

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What’s a commercial credit line, and what are their functions?



If you’re a typical American consumer, you’ve probably utilized credit cards to ease your financial path. If you own your own business, you may use corporate credit cards to facilitate the business processes.

What is a business credit card?

The business credit card was specially created for business owners with unique benefits suited to business. Business credit cards typically have more significant credit limits, reward potential, and tools to manage spending and employee cards.

As a business owner, you’ll have to continue making payments for your fixed business costs, like rent and utility bills, regardless of whether your business is subject to cyclical patterns (such as snow supply in high demand during winter). You may be able to use your credit card for the company to ease the fluctuation in cash flow.

The credit card for your business could also be a source of financing in an emergency that affects the company.

What is the function of a business card?

Business credit cards function similarly to how personal credit cards work. Charge purchases on your credit card, and after each cycle of billing, you get a statement detailing the total amount owed and the minimum amount due.

When you settle your bills in full every month, you will not be charged interest on the purchase. If you opt to keep a credit card balance, you’ll start to accrue interest on the balance. Like personal credit cards, business cards have different interest rates: The more creditworthy the business is, the more likely you are to receive an advantageous rate.

In reality, most business cards are charge cards that require payment in full every month. The main benefit of credit cards is that they usually don’t have a specific credit limit. Although they are not the ideal choice for businesses that are just starting, with high initial costs that the owners want to spread across time or interactions with fluctuating incomes due to the lack of a spending cap could make charge cards the best choice for established companies with significant monthly expenses. Budget.

The advantages of a corporate credit card for business

Like the personal credit card, the business credit card permits the use of the credit line. The cash flow in a business can be unpredictable, but you require money to fund your business frequently. That’s why a credit line of credit from a card will help.

Greater credit limits. These cards are designed to meet businesses and generally provide a more extensive credit line than standard personal credit cards.

Keep track of your business’s expenses. Business cards let you keep track of your business expenses and personal spending. This will help you manage your bank accounts and file tax returns.

Extensive interest-free terms. Issuers may give business owners extended times of interest-free finance that last longer than the standard 21-day timeframe for personal credit cards. If your business credit card has the benefit, it gives you an extended grace period to settle the balance and allow you to invest in your business.

Extra travel rewards. Credit cards for businesses may provide better and more lucrative rewards. If you regularly travel as part of your job, it is possible to earn more miles and travel rewards in exchange for one.

A generous sign-up bonus. Business credit cards might also get a bigger sign-up bonus. Cash-back bonuses for the month could be more substantial, too. All of this is funds to invest in your company.

Employee cards for employees. Another advantage is that you can add employees to your company credit card and permit them to carry out specific tasks, for example, making purchases on behalf of the company. You can monitor the transactions they make and earn rewards on employee purchases. You can also establish individual credit limits geared towards employees’ activities.

The biggest drawback to the business credit card is that it can be expensive.

If you choose to apply for a business credit card, the main drawback to be aware of is that they don’t have the protections provided under The Credit Card Accountability Responsibilities and Disclosure Act (CARD Act) of 2009 (CARD Act). This CARD Act gives consumers various security measures, including preventing the issuers of cards from increasing interest rates without warning. It is up to you to determine whether the advantages of a business-oriented card outweigh the disadvantages.

What impact does a business card have on your credit score

Your issuer will examine your credit rating and history to be eligible for the cards. Because you’re responsible for paying your business card, it will enable them to determine your creditworthiness. You might be required to provide an individual guarantee to pay the balance on the card.

If that happens, you’ll be the sole responsible for the debt if the business cannot pay this credit card. Since the company could be shut down, issuers must be aware that someone will be held accountable in the event of a collapse.

The issuer could submit the debt to credit reporting companies, but the debt won’t usually be reported on your credit report unless there’s an issue.

If you make sure, you utilize your credit card for business in a responsible way and you are given a boost by building up your credit score for business and being capable of tapping into more extensive lines of credit as well as other business loans to expand your business if that’s your goal.

If your credit score is affected for a reason, you can benefit from credit to finance your business’s needs (if your business credit is satisfactory).

The process of applying for a business credit card

If you want to apply for a credit card for business, the card issuer will request details about you and your company. Make sure you have input on your company’s tax identification number, the name of the business, and the way it’s structured. Keep in your files the company’s financials (such as profit and sales figures) as well as the date that the company was formed and the place the company was established, along with your details, such as your address, identification number, and your Social Security number.

The most important thing is the bottom line.

Corporate credit cards are designed to the requirements of businesses and generally work more beneficial for companies than your credit card for personal use. Their credit lines are usually more extensive and will help with the tax and accounting process. They can ease your business operations and offer incentives that are tailored to the needs of your business. The main drawback is that they do not enjoy the protections provided by the CARD Act since that regulation is aimed at consumers and only applies to credit cards for consumers.

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Technology Time: Prime tech traits that will change the platforms in 2022.



Computer virtualization technology – which lets pc conditions work in electronic machines rather than directly on physical PCs – ‘s been around for decades.

A truism of technology is that it’s constantly changing. And in the post-pandemic world, tech seems to be developing quicker than ever before. Improvements that seemed unimaginable have become popular, and more are on the way.

To demonstrate the idea, listed here is a look at eight critical tech traits for 2022. As we’ll see, these traits are changing several facets of the company, ranging from how businesses work pc infrastructure to how they produce choices and beyond.

Computer as a Company (DaaS)

Computer virtualization technology – which lets pc conditions work in electronic machines rather than directly on physical PCs – ‘s been around for decades. But it was believed to have newfound significance throughout the pandemic when electronic desktops provided via the Computer as a Company (DaaS) model (which enables desktops to run in the cloud) turned critical for allowing organizations to keep operations at any given time when personnel couldn’t be literally within the office.

Certainly, a Gartner prediction that the amount of DaaS users may develop by 150% between 2020 and 2023. Gartner also predicts that DaaS is estimated to cultivate at 253% between 2021 and 2024.

With hybrid performance becoming the newest way to perform, the need for cost-effective, protected, and remote use of corporate knowledge will be described as a long-standing one. DaaS, therefore, claims to keep a conventional technology for a long time to come. The advantage of DaaS goes much beyond only remote functioning; it extends to company continuity and problem healing in occasions of need.

Decision Intelligence

For almost two decades, knowledge has been the most critical company currency. Technology companies like Bing, Amazon, and Tesla have credited a wide range of achievements to holding the proper knowledge and centering their choices.

Yet, although data-driven intelligence has been around the limelight for a while today, “decision intelligence” is just a reasonably new control attaining constant interest in the industry post-pandemic. Digital disruption has accelerated after COVID-19, and organizations today have the demanding requirements to get a competitive advantage utilizing the enormous amount of knowledge they presently possess.

Leveraging technologies like equipment learning and synthetic intelligence, decision intelligence makes it possible to be the missing URL between knowledge and improved decision making. Industries like financial companies, healthcare, and supply string have a significant advantage with decision intelligence.

Electronic Truth

Enhanced fact (AR) and electronic fact (VR) needed a step in the past 2 yrs, and this traction may continue in 2022 as well. That technology is believed to see more developments in the proper execution of light, smaller portable devices, eliminating the necessity to take significant types that want split Wi-Fi connections.

We can expect unusual VR activities shortly. Why? Since we’re now looking somewhere, the thin line between imagination and the truth is quickly becoming thinner. Today, we’re looking at incredible innovative concepts like Metaverse, a provided electronic world where users can connect and interact with each other through various tools and devices.

Therefore, the push towards enhancing our VR activities is not an if but a when.

Synthetic Intelligence and Equipment Understanding

These technology twins have existed for a while, but they’ll hold developing at lightning speed in this decade. The need for sophisticated AI functions these days is not going to decelerate for the specific purpose that digital disruption is not going to slow down.

In the years ahead, AI traits like equipment vision may obtain more interest due to their company employs — from safety and personality evidence to manufacturer construction automation. Organic language processing is another critical tendency that’s seeing improvements, permitting machines to know the human language and talk right back with us.

Equipment learning types are significantly becoming substantial individuals of organizational achievement because they help firms discover patterns, disclose anomalies, produce forecasts and possibilities, and deliver insights. To transfer ML types from study to production and administration quickly, organizations today see the necessity to vary from individual heroism to created performance. The age of artisanal AI should provide a way to harness the more significant, revolutionary benefits of AI and ML.

Cybersecurity Resources

Organizations have increased their cybersecurity paying over the last two decades, and it’s obvious why: from costly knowledge breaches to serious malicious problems, businesses are rushing to keep up with the climbing difficulty and style of internet threats. Based on a Norton record, in the very first 90 days of 2022, India skilled over 18 million cyber-attacks and threats, averaging around 200,000 each day.

The problem is only finding worse. Zero-day threats have increased post-pandemic, and businesses nowadays should look beyond VPNs to help keep their knowledge secure. We can expect increased usage of Zero Trust to allow companies to reduce cyber-attacks and get a grip on unauthorized access to their data.

Virtualization technologies may also help enterprises protect themselves against cyberattacks.

On many of these fronts, DaaS and electronic desktops can help by allowing businesses to centralize knowledge storage within an electronic infrastructure while simultaneously avoiding the physical safety risks of conventional PCs.


Getting people yourself into the future, Metaverse will play a significant role in revolutionizing how we perform and live. That electronically improved electronic world will be a determining factor in all aspects of the company while the decade proceeds.

Professionals claim that Metaverse may serve as a feeling place for each company, from personnel to customers, consumers, and the whole organization. Metaverse is hailed as the next thing in the evolution of the internet, and if that is so, we could expect it to influence every human on the planet.

It’ll change how the company is conducted, how we talk with your consumers, how consumers buy our products and services, how our personnel gets performed done, and also what products and services and companies we offer.


Blockchain technology is no further almost cryptocurrency and financial speculation. Today, blockchains are now being I did so from keeping knowledge across decentralized clouds, managing supply organizations, facilitating peer-to-peer financing, and much beyond.

Although it was easy before to publish down blockchain as simple hoopla, the technology’s been around for well over a decade, and there’s no sign that it is planning everywhere any time soon. On the opposite, while it is a little early to contact blockchain fully adult, it’s apparent that it’s among the most outstanding creative individuals in the 2020s.

Primary the Future

Firms are required to check out the evolution and development of those traits to get a competitive advantage against their peers and help them succeed in general. We’re entering a new world with new rules and expectations, and the businesses that lead the charge may define the route of this journey.

Previously, several once-prominent businesses, like Kodak and Sony, also realized painfully and gradually that refusing to ride the wave is to be crushed by it. Using the top of futurists, company leaders have every purpose of avoiding residing in an identical future and, as an alternative, developing a more positive one due to their businesses.

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